Thursday, October 23, 2014


Whilst I was trying to waste a bit of time in town the other day, I nipped into Boots ( I swear they'd miss me if I didn't) and ended up chatting to the lovely lady at the till about their Match Made lipstick service.
I was actually paying for a No.7 lipstick as I chatted away so I wasn't as in need of advice as much as I was just plain curious about how the system works and I only had to say that I was intrigued by the whole thing for her to call upon another equally lovely lady who offered to give me the lowdown.
Basically, the Match Made Lipstick service is just a follow on from the Match Made Foundation service; a handheld camera takes a close up photograph of each cheek, analyses the pics colourwise and then suggests which shade of the No.7 range is most suitable.
In my case, COOL IVORY was recommended.
From this, you are then asked to pick which lipstick 'colour family' takes your fancy: pink, coral, plum or red.
It's funny because as a person who perpetually has no idea which colour to buy, I found the foundation matching service really useful (when applied, it does look good) but the lipstick matching? Not so much.
I had already chosen and paid for a Moisture Drench lipstick in the shade Cranberry Kiss purely because I liked it and really wanted to treat myself to a nice, bright pink lipstick. Something a bit different you know? I also bought a liner in the shade 'The One With The Pink Lid'; it doesn't appear to have a proper name.

It turns out, as the sales lady sheepishly told me, that Cranberry Kiss isn't a recommended shade for my skin tone; there were plenty of alternatives but Cranberry Kiss didn't come up on her little device. I was tempted for all of about one second to exchange it but I decided that no, I wouldn't and I'm so pleased I didn't. It's a gorgeous colour, is lovely to wear and is fairly long lasting.

It's actually so much more vibrant that the bullet would have you expecting.

Whilst foundation is something I think really does need to be a good match colourwise, lipstick is totally different and in my opinion at least, shouldn't be dictated by some bossy little jumped up camera.
 It's a much more personal thing and can be a reflection of our mood and personality; sometimes a nice cool nude is the call of the day and other times, only a rich red or pouty pink will do. Personally, I'm not overly fussed what suits my skin tone and more bothered about how a colour makes me feel when I see it sitting on my lips. Confident, sassy, sophisticated? It's all possible with lipstick.

How does your favourite lipstick make you feel?



I love my home, like REALLY love it.
It's just the right size for the two of us, it's cosy and comfortable. It's warm and I absolutely love all of our knick knacks and ornaments that really make the place ours.
My only dislike is one that's completely of our doing and I, especially, can't bitch too much because when I say 'our doing' I really mean 'mostly MY doing'.
You know the piles of 'stuff' that sit about everywhere, that once upon a time did have a definite home but now hang about down the side of the sofa or in the drawer in the TV cabinet? On window sills and kitchen cubby holes, on top of heaters and that space on the kitchen work top that was just crying out for something to fill it.

Again, I'm generalizing here to avoid responsibility.

When I say 'stuff' I mean lipsticks, nail files, hairbrushes, bottles of some hair oil or other and the Boots Christmas catalogue. 'TO BUY' lists I've scrawled as I've fingered through said Boots Christmas catalogue, eye make up palettes and irritating padlocks from handbags.

Curious looking sample pots (Boots foundation sample, I assure you).

I don't have a filing system but should I need any paperwork, I'll know exactly where it'll be.
You get the idea.

I don't believe for a minute that I'm alone in this affliction, so tell me, what random shite do you have sitting around in places it shouldn't be?!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


If you've been following along you might know that this, part three of my LASER THERAPY FOR PCOS BEARD posts, is actually about my second session of laser hair removal that took place this morning.
PART ONE, a brief introduction to my plans is HERE
PART TWO, about my first blasting (what I experienced pain wise and immediate effects) is HERE
So, the effects in the weeks after my first laser session...
About a week after my first session, as expected, any dark/wiry hairs (the ones I particularly want rid of) that were visible above the skin were pretty much waiting to be gently pulled from the skin. No tugging required, the hair literally slid out; even teeny tiny short hairs, if grabbed with precise enough tweezers, would come straight out which left me with near enough hair free skin.
THRILLED is an understatement.
Some particularly stubborn hairs around my chin took a bit longer but it was literally a matter of days and no more before they were ready to fall out too.
A slight, and thankfully only temporary, downside was the fact that I did have several ingrown hairs that needed to be almost dug out from my throat area. It was almost like the hair was so damaged by the laser that it no longer had the strength to push its way out; I'm sure given time and extra exfoliation that they would've appeared in their own time but I was feeling particularly impatient and just wanted them gone.
Since my last removal session (with a depilatory cream) about 5 days after being lasered, there has actually been a decent bit of hair growth but absolutely none of the detestable dark and thick hairs have returned as yet. The kind of hair that has grown back is the hair that was growing along side the thick stuff previously anyway but has not yet been affected by the laser due to its lack of pigment. There are a few darker hairs (like literally 3 or 4) but they're very fine and I'm half tempted to think they're down to the fact that those areas were missed.
Both myself and the therapist are pretty much gobsmacked.
She couldn't believe how effective it'd been.
Yes my throat is still fluffy, there are some slightly thicker (but blonde?) hairs on my chin  and there are a few stray dark strands here and there but...
I can run my hand over my throat and it feels soft.
I don't feel like I have to apply foundation to my neck so as to cover up black spots.
I haven't had an 'OH SHIT' moment after forgetting to check my neck that morning.
I haven't felt uncomfortable scratching from collars.
I feel so much more confident.
I'm so sorry now that I haven't got a before picture to show you but hopefully I may have painted a good enough picture.
It wasn't good folks, it really wasn't good.
Anyway, here's how it all looks after just one session.
If you look close enough you'll see the light hairs that prevail.

This morning, as I said, I went for round two. It seemed to leave my skin much bumpier and much redder than the first time but whilst I can still feel a bit of heat, the redness has really subsided and the bumps have disappeared altogether.
This could well be the best 40euro I've ever spent and I urge anyone who is thinking of trying laser therapy to give it a go.
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