Saturday, April 4, 2015


You know sometimes you read something that provokes an 'Ah, shit....THAT'S WHY!' type reaction.
I had this very reaction when I read this book by Caitlin Moran and she made the point, and I'm paraphrasing here, that basically women don't choose their clothes according to the weather, their plans for the day and the likes; women choose their clothes according to who they want to be that day.
Makes perfect sense, don't you think?...and completely explains why some days, regardless of what I have in my wardrobe or what I choose to throw on, it just doesn't feel right. And I don't feel right.
Some days I'm just not a pink dress kinda gal; I want to look grown up and chic.
Other days? Well, whimsical fat fairies don't wear jeans do they?

Over the past couple of months I can feel that my style is starting to change and it's weird....I'm not sure if I'm noticing things I like anyway being worn by certain people, or if those people are influencing my taste.

I've removed most of the lacy dresses from my ASOS saved list and replaced them with boyfriend jeans and more brogues. Right now, I'm mad about peg leg trousers in super cool prints, turned up skinny jeans, flat sandals, tailored jackets and statement necklaces.

Sound familiar?
If we follow Caitlin Moran's theory, I seem to want to be Mrs Bebe which is no great surprise really bearing in mind she always looks impeccably kick ass.  I absolutely LOVE her casual but oh so chic style.

With that and the encouragement I've had from others in mind, I thought I'd jump back into the whole OOTD thing and show you what I'm wearing today.

Becky constantly proves that simplicity can still style, so I'm keeping it simple too with turned up black skinnies, a basic black top (similar) and my fabulously versatile and crazy comfy floral print blazer (past season, New Look).

A bit of colour thrown in via a gorgeous, rainbow necklace and A LOT of sparkle coming from my ASOS silver glitter brogues means that there's still plenty of fun in such a simple, and easily thrown together outfit.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This past week seems to have been blighted with lethargy, achey bones, sore eyes, a lingering headache and interrupted sleep; I was starting to get upset about it but it all suddenly made sense very early Thursday morning when I woke up gasping, feeling like I was being smothered.
I officially have 'THE LURGY" and my god, do I feel rough.
My skin looks sallow and dry, my lips are cracked, the dark circles around my eyes are rather spectacular and I look even less like that image on the right than usual.
At times like this I'm a total comfort seeker, and an extraordinarily lazy one at that so any products I do use (after psyching myself up of course) need to do the job quickly, work well and offer some kind of 'ooh, that's lovely' moment just long enough to quiet the groans and distract me from wishing I was still in my bed. Same goes for other goodies; I haven't got the patience for anything that'll still leave me wanting.

Here's my recommendations of lovely, sumptuous but most importantly effective goodies that not only do the job they're supposed to, but will go some way to comforting your weary bones.


Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm

 I treated myself to this giant pot of what looks like lard after Christmas; if that doesn't sound too luxurious (and you're a scent lover like me) the fact that it has no scent whatsoever probably won't either.

What IS luxurious about this cleansing balm is its beautiful soft consistency and lightness as you massage it into the skin. It really does feel comforting and when the skin feels fragile as it often does when we're under the weather, it's just perfection. Along with my current bout of dryness, I've also had the pleasure of a few patches of fairly horrid eczema (I think) erupting and even on those areas, this cleansing balm has done nothing but cleanse and moisturize the skin beautifully.

 Ginger tea 

 Like the Clinique cleansing balm, this is something I've only been enjoying since Christmas and over the past week I've been glugging it like a mad thing.

Holy shit, IT IS DELICIOUS and on an extremely sore, dry and tickly throat it works wonders.
If you're not into ginger, give peppermint a try; it's not as warming but it's equally as yum.

Wella Oil Reflections

I posted a review solely dedicated to this most wonderful hair oil a while ago and have mentioned it a couple of times since in a couple of different posts; the reason I'm still banging on about it?

Since using this one day whilst suffering a really bad headache (I'm not always ill I swear), this hair oil has become my version of lavender in the way that it helps me to relax and unwind. The scent is really something special I think; it's not your usual 'hair product type smell' i.e  a bit chemically but rather a kind of sweet, nutty scent.
The softness and shine it helps to create definitely won't go unnoticed, and who doesn't feel better when they've received a compliment or two?!


 Kleenex Balsam tissues 

When you think about your favourite products that perk you up when you feel rotten, tissues will probably not occur to you but the relief of knowing that my nose isn't going to end up sore (followed by scabby) and ridiculous looking means that these particular tissues well deserve a mention.

Seriously, do yourself a massive favour and ditch the toilet roll.


If all else fails, maybe a lump of chocolate cake might help?
Nutritionally, this isn't going to do much for your ailing body but I've heard many a wise woman proclaim how beneficial a dirty great slice of cake is for the soul so you may as well try it.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Mums are funny creatures; their brains are full of little hints and hacks that they've picked up in the months and years since their babas were born, hints and tips that us not-mums will probably never know because we usually don't need to. It's all useless to us,  until of course, we're asked to mind their kids.

Such a situation has arisen for me this weekend;
I'm currently about halfway through a 36 hour babysitting stint. My sister in law is away for the evening celebrating her birthday so I'm lucky enough to have the company of our 18 month old nephew until she's home.

He's great fun (loves knocking on doors and tickles) and painfully adorable.

When he arrived this morning he came with a bag (stuffed with, amongst other things, yogurt coated dried fruit, pasta shapes and Wotsits) and a few instructions:

Nap time at 12.30
Make sure he drinks plenty; he loves tea
Bed time at 8.00pm

Pretty straightforward eh?! 

That's because, as I've been finding out today, his mother failed to impart any of the REAL info a not-mum needs to know; we know not to let your precious near the bleach and we really don't want to hear about your stitched perineum but THIS is the kind of information we really need to know:

He ate toast off the floor; is that ok?

How do I collapse this bloody pushchair?

Is it ok if he only eats Wotsits for dinner? 

Is it ok if he only eats Jelly Tots for tea?  

He keeps following me, how am I supposed to go to the toilet? 

How do I put this pushchair back up again?!

See what I mean?  
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