Saturday, January 23, 2016


I've spent most of the last week feeling extremely sorry for myself.

First came the really high temperature, not feeling able to move for the pains in my legs and a fuzzy, pounding head. Then came the barking cough, a runny nose and an irritating wheeze. I've felt far from fabulous and yearning more than ever for the springtime.

D'you remember the spring time?

Doesn't it feel like a lifetime ago since the last one?

The one thing I'm most excited about is being able to get outside and get my ass moving again; knowing what I know now about the effect that a bit of exercise can have on so many aspects of life, has me raring to go and living in a rural location means I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to a range of intensity and route length.

One of my favourite loops is around 10k, has a good few hills, decent pathways and some real breath taking views. On a good day, you can see for miles.

We all know exercise doesn't have to be put on hold until the weather suits (and God knows there's enough hardcore fitness folk on Instagram bragging about running in the snow) but is there anything as wonderful as pounding the country pathways, hill climbing and admiring local views under a bright blue sky?

Probably not; walking is such a simple form of exercise which I know to benefit the mind as much as it does the body. Walking can clear the mind and help relieve stress which, when you're someone like me who usually struggles with doing this, is invaluable.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


The third goal in my 3 THINGS TO DO JANUARY POST was to return to low carb eating for at least 20 days of the month.
I said 20 days because that would allow me a few days to get to Aldi and restock my empty fridge as well as deal with any false know the days when you end up thinking 'fuck it' by dinner time and having a Crunchie for lunch. It's also because 20 days is a definite amount of time to aim for and definite goals are always far easier to achieve than vague and unspecific ones. 20 days also allows me to really feel a change.
Today's the 10th of January so in order to meet my goal of 20 days, I had to start today. And so I have.
This morning I went to Aldi, did a 'big shop' and this evening I'll be meal planning for the week as well as planning the posts I want to write about the low carb approach to eating. I'll be posting nutritional information on here, the odd recipe as well as going back to being an InstaFoodieTwat by posting pics of meals and motivational info over on @GailyGumdrops. 

Friday, January 8, 2016


I was perusing Twitter the other night and stumbled across a brief convo about 'bed perfume'; I felt a pang of slight smugness and self satisfaction that whilst it had obviously never been heard of in some quarters, I had been enjoying the pleasure of 'bed perfume' for years. Not only that, but it finally put to bed (pun not intended) the niggling worry that I was in some way wasting my precious perfume and being ever so slightly ridiculous by spritzing myself with scent only to fall asleep a matter of minutes later.
If you're not a wearer of 'bed perfume' for whatever reason, you're missing out on one of life's little pleasures. Seriously, the only thing better than getting into bed post shower, post leg shave and post perfume spritz is all of that AND Jared Leto (in his softer bodied days) waiting for a snuggle under heavy Egyptian cotton sheets. Preferably, he'd be wearing his 'bed perfume' of choice as well...something musky, leathery, Tonka beanish.
There's something infinitely luxurious and relaxing about snuggling down surrounded by a scent you love and it really helps me to fall asleep more comfortably. It also encourages the scent to linger in the room as some of it was inevitably transfer to your bed sheets and pillows.
 At the minute, by absolute favourite perfume to wear to bed (and all the time) is La Vie est Belle, by LancĂ´me which is an absolute stunner of a fragrance.
This perfume starts off kinda fruity (a delicate soft pear rather than sink cleaner citrus) and it settles to become a really long lasting sweet, vanilla, patchouli, Tonka bean scent. It's really really lovely and totally up my alley; sweet, but not synthetic vanilla Impulse sweet. Fruity, but not eye watering sharp. It's comforting and warm and just beautiful. A perfect 'bed perfume'.

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