Monday, September 1, 2014


Now we've hit September I thought I'd do a little round up post of a few things I both discovered, and LOVED, in August and URGE YOU to try them for yourself.


I realise I keep raving on about this magnificent hair oil and although I am still MADLY in love with EVERYTHING about it, I'll resist saying too much and point anyone who hasn't read my review to this link here instead. 

Himself was playing at Sunflower Fest in Belfast a couple of weekends ago so I made a Tesco run on the Friday night to get a bit of shopping to see me over the weekend and a box of these babies were waiting for me in the reduced section of Aisle 14 (where ALL the cool people shop).

I'm not ashamed to say that my first bite was a HOLY SHIT moment and I've been craving salted caramel anything every day since.



As much as I'm trying to embrace more dramatic and darker lip colours, especially now we're heading into Autumn and my Instagram is jam packed with plum lipped beauties, I love nothing more than a good nude toned lipstick. Wearing lipstick, rather than just a gloss or balm, really ups my confidence levels and if I manage to find something quite subtle with a pink tinge, then all the better.

I picked this up a few weeks ago and have worn it pretty much everyday since; I'm seriously impressed with both the quality of both the product itself and the packaging, especially for the price.

Keep your eyes peeled for a post dedicated to my favourite nudes soon; this one will definitely be in my list.


 I'm sure you've all seen this in the usual spots and on numerous other blogs.
Although I have been noticing a few issues over the past week or so with oily skin (and so struggling to keep this on my shiny bits for very long), in general  they're FANTASTIC products.
Both of them really help to cover the usual horrid gang of blemishes, dark circles and lingering zits without being too much and the foundation actually has those splendid little light reflecting bits that definitely do help you avoid a completely matte finish which is something I just can't abide on my skin.
Think I'm an idiot if you like but I've only just got the hang of this stuff. It really isn't that hard but for some reason I had assumed it was to be applied on top of foundation and so was disappointed when it just looked a bit cakey. The fact that I only have a couple of tester sizes and therefore no instructions as such and that I did no homework about it left me confused.
Then I tried it under my foundation and...yeah, I AM AN IDIOT. It really does erase the huge pores on the side of my nose (which just LOVE to poke through foundation) and make my cheeks and forehead silky smooth ready for the next step. In terms of adding to the longevity of foundation, I find it hard to say although plenty of others swear it does.
Did you find a new soul mate last month?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A little while ago I somehow stumbled across a site by the name of HOMEBIRD.IE, a real treasure trove of "OOH, THAT'S LOVELY!" provoking homewares and "OH MY GOD...LOOK!" inciting novelties.

I think at the time I was trying to avoid buying yet more housey kind of stuff so had to pack  the memories of Morrissey tea towels and petrol blue vintage inspired telephones into the back of my mind.

 It was a sad day let me tell you.

Well, thanks to a poster displayed in our local Chinese takeaway recently, I was not only reminded of this fantastic company but I also learned just how local a company it is., like myself, also call Co. Cavan home which makes me love it even more and so I decided in doing a post like this I could kill two birds with one stone; show you some fabulous things that I would definitely love in my home and highlight a great, and extremely local-in-a-good-way Irish company. WIN/WIN.

Some of my favourite items on Homebird are fairly random I have to admit but when you're trying to add some personality and life to a home, we all know it's the small things that make all the difference.

Scrabble Magnets.


Or you could leave love notes and shopping reminders if that's more your thing but bear in mind that points wise at least, KNOBS will always beat SUGAR.

Whilst we're on the subject of knobs, I'm sure by now we've all heard Kirstie Allsopp and her crafty crew talk about rejuvenating a piece of furniture with a lick of paint and new handles.
 As I type this, I realise you might think I'm implying Kirstie is a knob, I'm certainly not.
I LOVE KIRSTIE ALLSOPP and the knobs I'm actually referring to are these beauts....
These knobs are literally as cute as a button and come in a variety of gorgeous colours to suit any decor.
Homebird has a great range of other designs which are equally as appealing and would be a relatively cheap and straightforward way to jazz up any old drawers or cupboards that could do with a bit of  facelift.

Now this next pick is a serious WOW...
Can you imagine her (she's definitely a 'her' I reckon and probably called Betty) sitting on your side table in the hallway? How elegant would you feel ordering your pizza on that?!
Such a gorgeous colour and such a classic design.

What's so lovely about this site is the fact that it's not only somewhere to go to indulge yourself but there are also so many gift worthy items too.

Despite never having been, my Grandma has a bit of a love affair with Ireland; I think it all started with John Wayne and that horse drawn cart and is sustained to this very day by postcards from me, a Boyzone Best Of and her Riverdance DVD.

She would LOVE this gorgeous Irish Dancers Apron...

...almost as much as I would LOVE this...



I'm far too impressed with this to ever let it anywhere near my plates; I would quite happily frame this and hang it in my kitchen.

See what I mean about a treasure trove?

As if I needed another reason to be excited about C*r*s*m*s, I just can't wait to order some gifts from this wonderful company and the fact that delivery is free within Ireland on purchases over 40euro, and to the UK on orders over 50euro, means I can buy for family and friends on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I'm going to try my best to not be overly harsh here because I realise that often, people's hearts really are in the right place.

I mean, really, they're actually waaaay off and the resulting compliments and comments are nothing but slightly backhanded insults but they genuinely think they are getting it right. If only they'd THINK for a second about the whys and hows of what's coming out of their mouth, they'd soon realise what's really going on. 

In my case, it's usually thinly veiled resentment/disappointment at the size of my body, the amount of pressure that body puts on the earth beneath my feet and what these people think that says about me.
 Simple as.

 I'm sure you'll have had your own experiences which may be similar or completely different, but either way, there's no doubting that we've all been on the receiving end of a non-complimentary compliment and unsolicitied comments here or there which really do give more away than intended.

To me: "Oooh, you're doing well on that diet! You're starting to look great...."
To my boyfriend "You'd better watch out, in a few weeks all the boys'll be after her"

Right, a coupla things.

I appreciate you're trying to be kind here but seriously?! Yes, I am jutting out my jaw, head cocked, eyes wide.

I'm STARTING to look great?!
 Just how shit did I look last week? And I hate to think what you thought of me the week before. Also, I am not sufficiently cock hungry so as to leave my beloved boyfriend of 12 years just because my body got a bit smaller, and if I was I'd start replying to those Randomers on Instagram who seem to be rather taken with the way I look right now.
Yeah, they really are THAT weird. Yes, it must be some kind of a fetish thing., I don't think they are all black. No. No. NO.

"That dress is LOVELY!  It's SO slimming and I bet you're glad of the sleeves"

Thanks for saying my dress is nice, I really do appreciate it but why does this need to be followed by explaining that the reason you like it is because it makes my body look less like what it actually is. Also, I'm only ever "glad of" sleeves if they're especially pretty, it's particularly chilly or I know you're staring at my arms with disgust.
These sleeves are plain and it isn't cold today so GO FIGURE.

"I'd hate for my school friend/ex boyfriend etc to see me now, wouldn't you?"

I'm perfectly aware of what you're trying to imply (i.e I let myself go and should be embarrassed) but after feeling this way for a long time, when I hear people say it now I feel more sad and angry for THEM, than myself. I've been in touch with old friends recently online, and not one them has told me I look shite and they'd hate to be seen in public with me so no, I'd like to think I wouldn't mind them seeing me IRL. In fact, the day I actually do meet up with them will be a great one.

What's the most uncomplimentary compliment anyone's offered you?!
Lets share (and giggle at other people's stupidity) together.

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