Saturday, November 8, 2014


I was going to call this post IF I DO THIS AGAIN, SOMEONE SLAP ME because seriously, old dogs learn quicker than I do.
I seem to have two (very) basic approaches when applying eye make up; one using very neutral shades and perhaps a bit o' shimmer and the other is no real colour on the lid but a great slick of black eyeliner. For whatever reason, and this probably comes back to the old dogs things again, I seem incapable of anything more but in all honesty, these two looks suit me fine.
I've always favoured the felt tip type liners mainly for the fact that they're so easy to use; no pots and brushes, no flimsy and sometimes unpredictable nibs but rather a plain and simple pointed felt tip with just the right amount of give. Perfect for someone of little patience who's not too fussed about delicacy.
Anyway, as I said...
My most recent two purchases, both the felt tip type, are both by Rimmel and both dried up within about er, two weeks of using them? And that's not using them every day either.
Surely this can't be right, can it?!
Seriously. They're perfectly jet black, extremely easy to apply, and awesome looking (to the extent that one of them featured in my TOP 5 CURRENT EYE PRODUCTS post a while ago) but within no time at all, they don't leave even half the impression that they once did and they definitely become  more Katie Melua damp squib than Amy Winehouse BAM.
And so I vow, with you all as my witnesses, to never buy another bloody felt tip eye liner.

What shall I try in its place?

Are you all still besotted with the Benefit push up liner?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I sometimes wonder if I'm a bit odd (hold on, I'm not finished) in that I'm actually way more eager and enthusiastic about foundation when my skin is in good condition than when it isn't.
Isn't is supposed to be other way around?
When I'm a bit pimply or dry, or pale and pasty looking, I always feel like a foundation will draw attention to my problem areas so I often barely bother. I really don't want to spend time applying a product and feel self conscious anyway; you know when it just doesn't seem to sit right? When my skin feels good however, I'm far more willing to experiment and play with different products and right now, that's where I am. Over the past few weeks I've been rotating a few different products and thought I'd share my thoughts; it's been a good opportunity to not only look at each one individually but also to compare them.
The foundation that has been in my make up bag the longest is WAKE ME UP, by RIMMEL.
I've used this as my staple foundation for a while now and have been happy with it thus far. It's been featured on so many blogs now that you probably already know that it contains tiny light reflecting particles designed to help your complexion look bright and cheery. I would say that it's a mediumish coverage foundation which is about right for me, and for the price (and the fact that it's so easy to get hold of in Boots), it does a great job.
I can't say that the whole 'skin brightening' thing makes a HUGE difference really; like, I'd still want to use a decent highlighter as well but I suppose if you're used to a completely matte base, you may well notice the difference.
Packaging wise, it's rather nice. The glass bottle feels sturdy and a pump always makes life that little bit easier doesn't it?
My only issue with this is one that I've also had with other foundations leading me to think it's me, not them. Basically, my nose just will not hold onto bloody foundation.
"Use a primer!" they say. Oh I have.
Foundation'll sit in every pigging pore on my nose, but the surrounding skin? NOPE.
The second foundation I've been trying is SKIN LUMINIZER, by MAX FACTOR*
Again, this is another one of those skin brightening type foundations; the luminescing element to this can be seen, swirled through the product.
Like WAKE ME UP, I'd say this is a light/medium coverage product and whilst it does have a definite subtle sheen to it, a nice highlighter in all the usual spots definitely doesn't go amiss.
It certainly covers any slight redness on the skin, and takes the edge off my dark under eye circles with ease.
Packaging wise, it's all a bit meh for me. It has a pump, and I suppose the swirl is nice but it's nothing to write home about and longevity wise, I have the same old issue with this one too unfortunately. If you have oily skin (or an oily nose, as seems to be my case), I wouldn't be in a mad rush to buy this one, it just can't be relied on to last very long.
The third and final foundation on my list is by BOOTS No7.
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation
I received a sample of this when I recently tried the Match Made service and Indre, from the Cavan branch also applied some for me that very morning. Lucky I went in bare faced.

There's no mention on this one of brightening particles and the like; it's a fairly bog standard light/medium coverage liquid formulation and the packaging reflects this. Fairly standard glass bottle really.
Something I that definitely stood out about this one, on top of the fact that I could be confident that the shade I was wearing was the right one, was the fact that it lasted. Mid afternoonish, my nose still had some coverage which definitely gives this one the edge over the other two; yes, my pores were visible due to my oil slick of a face but at this point, it's almost inevitable and definitely something that needs be dealt with skincare wise.

Have you tried any of these products and what did you think of them?


Do any of you oily skinned folk have any recommendations for me?




Monday, October 27, 2014


About this time last year, I sat down to write this post and somehow either struggled to find the words or got sidetracked. Probably both because the post was never written and so here I am, a year later approaching the subject again having just come back from the shop and seeing this in one of the trash magazines.
This, my friends will be one of those posts people refer to as a 'rant'.


When I was younger the idea of buying a remembrance poppy was straight forward; it was explained to us every November when older kids would come into our classroom with their little tray of paper flowers and a money tin. 
It was a simple way of remembering those soldiers who had died at war and to raise money to help those who had come home injured.
It wasn't a grand gesture; the poppies only cost about 10p (or whatever you could afford) and as most are still, they were made of paper. Just paper. Simple but thought provoking and we bought them and we wore them as a simple act of remembrance and respect.
To this day, that's what remembrance poppies mean to me, and I'm happy to say that lots of money is made through their sale; last year for example 36.6 million was raised for the Royal British Legion.
It was, and I think still should be, understated, solemn, tasteful and dignified.
Remembering the dead of war is never a cause for celebration or self indulgence.
It's certainly not about having a huge, sparkly accessory hanging off whatever your wearing that day. 
WHY OH WHY OH BLOODY WHY.... the TV, the internet, every bloody magazine etc etc now full of THE most garish, blingy, expensive whilst looking hideously cheap poppies?!
I feel like even the act of remembrance has been hijacked by the LOOK AT ME crew. Poppy Collection Medium Brooch Gold Tone

The example above is about as much as I can cope with without steam coming out of my ears.
This particular brooch is sold at the official Royal British Legion online shop for 14.99, and whilst it's definitely got a touch of the bling about it, the fact that it's simple in design and 100% of the profits go to the Legion itself, who clearly approves of the product, makes it a good thing in my book.
But that's as far as I can go.

 It's about remembering and respecting people who have lost their lives during war.
It's about recognizing the suffering of other people.

This particular approach to remembrance clearly costs more than the usual paper poppy does; the one at the top of the page for example (the one from the mag) is almost 50 quid with no mention whatsoever of how much of that goes anywhere near the British Legion and having looked at plenty of other sites and their brooches/rings/bags etc, about 10% of the profit seems to be the going rate.
Assuming these slebs even buy their own poppies (the cynical side of me says they don't but who knows?), why not give that comparatively large amount of cash straight to the charity and wear a paper poppy instead?!
Honestly? I makes my blood boil.
You'd think they were honouring some fella who was kicked off Strictly.

What do you think of all this?

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