Tuesday, October 21, 2014


If you've been following along you might know that this, part three of my LASER THERAPY FOR PCOS BEARD posts, is actually about my second session of laser hair removal that took place this morning.
PART ONE, a brief introduction to my plans is HERE
PART TWO, about my first blasting (what I experienced pain wise and immediate effects) is HERE
So, the effects in the weeks after my first laser session...
About a week after my first session, as expected, any dark/wiry hairs (the ones I particularly want rid of) that were visible above the skin were pretty much waiting to be gently pulled from the skin. No tugging required, the hair literally slid out; even teeny tiny short hairs, if grabbed with precise enough tweezers, would come straight out which left me with near enough hair free skin.
THRILLED is an understatement.
Some particularly stubborn hairs around my chin took a bit longer but it was literally a matter of days and no more before they were ready to fall out too.
A slight, and thankfully only temporary, downside was the fact that I did have several ingrown hairs that needed to be almost dug out from my throat area. It was almost like the hair was so damaged by the laser that it no longer had the strength to push its way out; I'm sure given time and extra exfoliation that they would've appeared in their own time but I was feeling particularly impatient and just wanted them gone.
Since my last removal session (with a depilatory cream) about 5 days after being lasered, there has actually been a decent bit of hair growth but absolutely none of the detestable dark and thick hairs have returned as yet. The kind of hair that has grown back is the hair that was growing along side the thick stuff previously anyway but has not yet been affected by the laser due to its lack of pigment. There are a few darker hairs (like literally 3 or 4) but they're very fine and I'm half tempted to think they're down to the fact that those areas were missed.
Both myself and the therapist are pretty much gobsmacked.
She couldn't believe how effective it'd been.
Yes my throat is still fluffy, there are some slightly thicker (but blonde?) hairs on my chin  and there are a few stray dark strands here and there but...
I can run my hand over my throat and it feels soft.
I don't feel like I have to apply foundation to my neck so as to cover up black spots.
I haven't had an 'OH SHIT' moment after forgetting to check my neck that morning.
I haven't felt uncomfortable scratching from collars.
I feel so much more confident.
I'm so sorry now that I haven't got a before picture to show you but hopefully I may have painted a good enough picture.
It wasn't good folks, it really wasn't good.
Anyway, here's how it all looks after just one session.
If you look close enough you'll see the light hairs that prevail.

This morning, as I said, I went for round two. It seemed to leave my skin much bumpier and much redder than the first time but whilst I can still feel a bit of heat, the redness has really subsided and the bumps have disappeared altogether.
This could well be the best 40euro I've ever spent and I urge anyone who is thinking of trying laser therapy to give it a go.

Monday, October 20, 2014


I don't know if I've mentioned it before (I suspect I have, at least once) but after years of being vegetarian and very occasionally toying with the idea of reintroducing fish into my diet, I've spent a lot of the last year aspiring to commit to a vegan diet.
I know to most people this would seem very radical and restrictive but honestly, and bearing in mind I haven't eaten meat for so long, it doesn't seem like such a massive leap. It most definitely feels like an opportunity for positive change too, rather than not.
I spent the first few months of the year eating a diet consisting of absolutely no animal products whatsoever and felt SO much better for it but for one reason and another, a splash of milk and odd bit of cheese crept back in and before I knew it, I was back to square one.
(Granted, the black coffee certainly still wins over a milky tea but that's about it to be fair.)
My skin, energy levels, all round motivation and my conscience are all suffering in comparison and I wonder if it's more than just coincidence.
I was also doing waaay more exercise which is definitely no coincidence and must be rectified asap.
So, as of this morning (Monday 20th October) the vegan approach will begin again and I plan to check in here once a week or so with information, the odd recipe and any humps I've hit along the way.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Barring a rather impressive collection of animal shaped soaps when I was about 10 years old, I've never really been a collector of anything. A bit of a hoarder, yes, but I'm sure numerous large baskets used to hold smaller baskets don't really count as a collection do they?
What about hand creams?
 Didn't think so.
My partner on the other hand has an insatiable appetite for anything video games related, specifically from the C64 era to well, now really. Consoles, cartridges, books, artwork, merchandise tat and now, stamps.
Yes, stamps.
On the 16th of October, the Irish postal service released a set of stamps featuring four of probably the most recognizable retro video games; slightly bizarre to be honest bearing in mind stamps usually seem to feature wild birds and lakes but I suppose when you've no queen to take up space, why not?!
Knowing that himself would LOVE them as part of his collection, and thinking they'd make a nice little surprise for him after college that day, I made a mad dash to Cavan post office to buy a set.
Any philatelists out there will know that as well as buying stamps individually or in a book, if you get there quick enough there's also the opportunity to buy a 'FIRST DAY OF ISSUE' set that comes with an accompanying envelope and an information card, and is stamped with the time and date of purchase.
For something so cheap, I think they're a great addition to the collection; the design of them is super simple but so eye catching when framed and the fact that they're ink stamped in both English and Irish (as is all post here)  is really nice.

If you fancy a set of your own, you can buy them here.

Do any of you want to own up to any bizarre collections?!

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