Friday, April 5, 2013

Gorgeous curls without burning your hair, wrecking your arms or damaging your budget

I have seriously thick hair; I'm reminded of this whenever I go for a hair cut. The stylist always makes a point of telling me while she's washing it, in the same tone of voice I suspect we all use when proudly declaring how stuffed we are after Christmas dinner. She's impressed by how inconvenienced she is.

It's neither poker straight nor curly and has a definite kink to it but not one that you could style particularly, and because there's just so much of it, I tend to straighten the shit out of it...whilst of course, wishing it was curly. Because that's what women do. Want the opposite of what they actually have at any given time.

I've tried heated rollers (not enough rollers and clips to do a whole head), curling tongs (takes forever and curls fall out without copious amounts of hairspray which I *hate*) and have been putting off spending money I haven't really got on those pink sleep in rollers so when I came across this post on Gill's blog, explaining that is was possible to get decent curls in your hair using a method that was both free and easy I was definitely planning to give it a try. I had never seen, or heard, of this method before and it seemed a bit too good to be true.

Basically you put an elastic headband around your head, think Pat Cash circa. 1987. You then separate your hair into small sections and wrap each section around the headband. As you bring one section back down to the rest of the hair, grab another section and do the same. Eventually (it doesn't take long at all), you will have all of your hair wrapped around the headband and you will look something like this...

It looks messy and I think I could maybe have put the headband higher up my head, but this was a test run so I'll know better next time.

In Gill's post, she recommends leaving your hair like this overnight but seeing as I wasn't going anywhere yesterday, I washed my hair at about 1 o'clock and then tied it all up; I had someone coming around at 6pm so I left it all in until then and then hastily removed it. Had I not have been expecting a guest, I would have left it in for longer and now I know that it definitely works, I'll leave it in overnight too.

It did look rather erm...untidy to begin with because I had to literally tug the headband out of my head (I think this may have also pulled some of the curl out) and there were curls everywhere. After I faffed with it a bit, it looked fine though and even this morning (without applying any hairspray) , there's still a definite wave and a few curls to give a bit of texture and volume.

I'm so impressed with this method; easy, free, won't heat damage the hair and actually works, what more could you ask for?!


  1. I love your pics of it Gail. i had a bit of an issue with trying to remove the hairbad to start with but then what i found was it is slid the hairband ontop of my head from the front it made the hair easier to come out. (i dont know if this makes any sence it does in my head lol)

    The finished result looks amazing :)


    1. Thanks Gillian, and thanks for blogging about this in the first place!

  2. Excuse me for been a bit thick, but when you say wrapping it around the band, do you literally mean wrapping it around the band?


    1. Yep! When you put the head band on, it'll be over the top of your hair; you just grab a small section, pull it up and then push it back around underneath the band. Then pull it back down to sit with the rest of your hair. I then ran a comb through my hair, grabbed another section and did the same. I think there's videos on YouTube that will show you the method too, cos it is difficult to describe and figure out in your head!

  3. Ooh I'm going to try this! Some day when I'm not seeing any other humans, mind. My hair would curl if I wrapped it round my finger, it's the staying power I find hard to get (usually descends into fuzz). Also hate hairspray with a passion. The girl that did my hair for my engagement party a few years ago put so much in that it felt like plastic. YUCKY.

    1. I love the look of a lot of styles that would need hairspray to hold it, but I really don't like it on my hair. Maybe a bit but as soon as I can feel it, there's too much!

    Or we can no longer be friends ;) xxx


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